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10 March 2022

The Future of Women in Tech

For this year’s International Women’s Day we sat down with equality champion Viola Llewellyn and had an insightful conversation on how gender diversity is evolving and what young women entering the workplaces of tomorrow should focus on.


25 November 2021

From good to great & how tech influences the end result

This week on Tech Reimagined, we sat down with Meri Williams to get her view on tech for good, how much tech influences the end result in business and what makes a great organisation.


18 November 2021

The interaction between humans and AI

On this episode of Tech reimagined, we’re talking to Inma Martinez about the interaction between humans and AI. From the misconceptions about AI to the benefits it brings to our lives and the applications we need to look at to achieve AIs greatest potential.


28 October 2021

Inclusivity in the tech world

It's no secret that industries still stumble, struggle, and in some cases, fail when it comes to building #inclusive workplaces. On today's Tech Reimagined podcast, we sat down with Meri Williams to get her view and advice on achieving diversity and inclusion in our industry.