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15 September 2022

Technology Innovation in Large Banks

Our guests this week are two very seasoned banking and capital markets professionals who share their dual points of view on how large banks tackle tech innovation.


25 November 2021

From good to great & how tech influences the end result

This week on Tech Reimagined, we sat down with Meri Williams to get her view on tech for good, how much tech influences the end result in business and what makes a great organisation.


16 September 2021

How can we ethically use data to put AI to good use?

How can we ethically use data to put AI to good use? Tom Gruber thinks we need to approach it with open eyes, especially ethical eyes. Find out what this means on our podcast Tech Reimagined.


12 August 2021

Taking a business globally while maintaining a cohesive strategy

Alex Hunter talks about the absolute must-have's when a company wants to go global and maintain a cohesive strategy.