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02 November 2023

Cracking the Code of Personal Cues in the Digital Age with Natalie Seatter

We explore how reliance on digital technology impacts our ability to read personal cues with Natalie Seatter, CPO at OAG. Tune in for valuable insights!


11 May 2023

A cleaner Race towards the Stars with David Wade

David Wade returns to Tech Reimagined – this time to talk about what we can do have a greener and cleaner approach when it comes to space exploration.


04 May 2023

The Future of Work with Helena Nimmo

The way we live, and work have changed a lot since 2020 and organisations need to constantly adapt. Tune in to listen to Helena Nimmo share her in-depth perspective on the future of work.


21 July 2022

Even Next-Gen Tech Needs a Lawyer with John Buyers

In this episode Bradley Howard and John Buyers - AI and legal expert discuss some interesting legal aspects of building digital solutions and offering IT services.