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21 April 2022

End of Season 2

This week on Tech Reimagined we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from Season 2. See you right back here in July!


14 April 2022

Challenges of building a business in the environmental sector

Our guest this week is Mark Manley, president, and co-founder of Me-Cycle – a really neat US-based startup designed to help people recycle better and easier through the help of technology. Listen in to learn more about recycling, the consumer mindset, and what we need to focus on to do more for our future.


07 April 2022

AI & the law

Machine learning and AI are still in their early “wild wild west days”, to quote our guest this week, John Buyers, who will untangle some of the legal and moral aspects of building systems reliant on these technologies. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts on the subject.


31 March 2022

Making complex things simple

This week on Tech Reimagined we’re discussing the importance of simplifying complex technologies in B2C industries with Matt Bonetti who will share bits of his extensive knowledge on the subject. Tune in to find out how simplicity can be achieved for the people who use complex systems, for the ones who create them, and even in our daily lives.