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14 October 2021

Women in Tech: Changing the Data Landscape

To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day this week on Tech Reimagined, we're thrilled to sit down with Inma Martinez and about how data has evolved alongside ourselves, why technology is a non-gender specific industry and the importance of nurturing talent based on lifestyle choices.


07 October 2021

How technology helps businesses scale: retail, e-commerce, travel

In this week's Tech Reimagined episode, our guest, Former Amazon UK Managing Director Brian McBride, shares his view about how technology can help businesses navigate a new digital environment – from data to mobile and everything in between.


15 July 2021

How to use data to make business decisions?

Guy Kawasaki shared his advice on how companies can use data to step up their game and make better business decisions.


26 November 2020

Predictive Analytics Reimagined Part 2

In our new episode of Tech Reimagined, together with Keith McCormick and Dan Pelos, we talk about how they found themselves starting a career in data, useful advice they received along the way and how music is related to analytical thinking.