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29 July 2021

How Is AI Helping Us Navigate Today’s Digital Disruption?

In this week's episode of Tech Reimagined, Former Managing Director of Amazon UK, Brian McBride, shares his view on how AI and machine learning help us navigate digital disruption in critical industries such as transportation, retail, science and supply chain.


24 June 2021

How will technology impact the way we live and work?

This week we chatted with Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at Canva, about how technology will change the way we live & work.


01 October 2020

Digital and innovation reimagined – Part 2

Bradley Howard talks to Sulina Connal and Mats O Eklund about about their career paths in digital, useful advice they’ve received, and what their daily routines are like.


24 September 2020

Digital and innovation reimagined – Part 1

Bradley Howard talks with Sulina Connal and Mats O Eklund about digital and innovation, how large enterprises can keep the innovative mindset of start-ups, and how to balance near and long-term strategies with stronger digital practices.