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12 August 2021

Taking a business globally while maintaining a cohesive strategy

Alex Hunter talks about the absolute must-have's when a company wants to go global and maintain a cohesive strategy.


05 August 2021

Using Humanistic AI to Augment Collaboration & Performance

Tom Gruber envisions humanistic AI that augments and collaborates with people instead of competing with or replacing us. Find out how on our podcast, Tech Reimagined.


29 July 2021

How Is AI Helping Us Navigate Today’s Digital Disruption?

In this week's episode of Tech Reimagined, Former Managing Director of Amazon UK, Brian McBride, shares his view on how AI and machine learning help us navigate digital disruption in critical industries such as transportation, retail, science and supply chain.


22 July 2021

Reimagining Work, Education And Healthcare

In this week's episode, we're joined by Dave Coplin to discuss how technology will augment our lives even more, how human behaviour adapts to it, and its impact on our education, work, and healthcare.