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08 September 2021

Celebrating Programmers' Day And All Things Tech

Monday, September 13th, will be the 256th day of the year, and it marks a special day in the history of technology. It will be #ProgrammersDay. To celebrate, we've dedicated today's episode to the special occasion and invited a dear friend of ours, Guy Kawasaki, to talk all things tech.


02 September 2021

The future of digital and its impact on flexible working

In this episode of Tech Reimagined, Dave Coplin shares his views on the future of digital and its impact on flexible working.


26 August 2021

Leadership in a fast-accelerating digital world

Brian McBride talked about how leadership has changed, the skills we need to be great leaders and how to navigate a new digital environment.


19 August 2021

Technologies & skills of the future

Dave Coplin talks about the technologies and skills of the future and why creativity, resilience & accountability are essential elements for our success.