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11 November 2021

Expanding trade and commodities through tech

Brain and Brawn – with brawn being tech – are the two factors that have fuelled some of the biggest changes in the trade and commodities industry throughout the years. But which specific benefits did technology bring to the field and what can we expect going forward?


04 November 2021

What do you see as the future of tech and innovation?

In this episode of Tech Reimagined, we talked with Inma Martinez about edge computing, innovation, augmented digital reality, and the next big thing in tech.


28 October 2021

Inclusivity in the tech world

It's no secret that industries still stumble, struggle, and in some cases, fail when it comes to building #inclusive workplaces. On today's Tech Reimagined podcast, we sat down with Meri Williams to get her view and advice on achieving diversity and inclusion in our industry. 


22 October 2021

Financial Inclusion Utilising Tech

What's the recipe for a more inclusive economy? Find out the answers in a new Tech Reimagined episode, as Bradley Howard talks to equality champion Viola Llewellyn about her passion for creating equality and inclusion in Africa's Fintech sector.