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13 January 2022

The Fundamentals of Scaling up a Business

People, processes and tools are the main elements when it comes to planning a successful scale-up of a business. We discuss everything else and more on the subject with seasoned CTO Meri Williams.


06 January 2022

Innovation in focus

On this episode of Tech Reimagined, we’re talking to Joseph Dunleavy, Endava’s Head of Innovation about how innovative technologies have shaped his personal roadmap and how they can help us meet our climate change agenda.


25 November 2021

From good to great & how tech influences the end result

This week on Tech Reimagined, we sat down with Meri Williams to get her view on tech for good, how much tech influences the end result in business and what makes a great organisation.


18 November 2021

The interaction between humans and AI

On this episode of Tech reimagined, we’re talking to Inma Martinez about the interaction between humans and AI. From the misconceptions about AI to the benefits it brings to our lives and the applications we need to look at to achieve AIs greatest potential.