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10 March 2022

The Future of Women in Tech

For this year’s International Women’s Day we sat down with equality champion Viola Llewellyn and had an insightful conversation on how gender diversity is evolving and what young women entering the workplaces of tomorrow should focus on.


03 March 2022

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

With the occasion of World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development we sat down with Tom Gruber – the inventor of Siri and had an insightful  conversation about how AI, if put to good use, can accelerate sustainable development and contribute to creating a better world.


24 February 2022

Sustainability & The Future Of Housing

This week we tackle the big issue of climate change with Sarah Thomas, CEO of Catalyst Housing. Join us and see how affordable housing can become more sustainable through the use of cutting edge technology.


17 February 2022

The Biggest Challenges In Creating Tech For B2C

Today we talked with Matt Bonetti, Head of DX at Hargreaves Lansdown about the challenges that arise when developing technology designed to make people’s lives easier. Tune in to find out how to address them, especially in the case of such complex services and products like the ones in Fintech.