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The Technology industry has always been about innovation, driving change and disrupting all other existing industries. As innovation is accelerating, and with the constant evolution of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and permanent connectivity, technology is becoming a driving force enabling new forms of consumption and new revenue streams. Software is becoming ubiquitous too: providing new platforms for content and computing power at the edges of systems.

These trends bring forward both new challenges and opportunities for companies in the tech industry, making the reward for the ones that do get their product right enormous.  

Endava’s experience of building great software, linked with our technical capability and drive for innovation, allows us to become true business partners and help realise the value that technology businesses must deliver to their customers in this changing world.


Endava has a fantastic team and there is a real esprit de corps in the halls. As importantly, I felt the deep sense of client partnership I was looking for here. Your team continues to provide outstanding service for Buzz Points and we’re proud to have you as a partner.



We Understand The Challenges Faced By Businesses

In today’s marketplace, shaped by the rapid change of available technologies, platforms and applications very quickly become a legacy problem... “Hardware” technology providers are increasingly using software to differentiate and help future-proof their products. Software providers need to move to a cloud platform, cloud platform providers need to cope with increased security concerns, mobile apps providers must cope with a huge increase in devices and OS changes, and on we go…

In newer technology platforms, such as RPA tools, new entrants with good funding are able to provide compelling capability in emerging critical areas that allows them to leapfrog the market leaders in a matter of months rather than years. For platform providers who have an installed base there is a decision to make about how many of your current clients to take with you onto the next generation of your platform.

We also understand that the more widespread, connected and powerful the technology available, the less visible it will become and the human-machine interface will become closer to the unconscious.

However, all this change brings equally huge opportunities for those that can get their positioning and execution right. Companies that understand their strategy and cope with market changes quickly and effectively will position themselves well to continue their success. Companies that can build incredible and relevant experiences out of the range of possible technologies will drive increased numbers of customers to their business. Companies that can use additional edge computing power to apply AI / ML in a meaningful way to the available data in user-relevant timeframes will be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

They all need to deliver this change within a landscape of increasingly scarce resources: good technical people are hard to find in the right quantities, and there is increasing people-churn in their technology partners, leading to issues with quality and speed to market.


We Help You Make A Difference

With the ability to help you build a strategy that combines fantastic engagement with your customers, responsiveness to change and efficient delivery, Endava is a great partner in this exciting business environment for technology companies.

Endava’s end-to-end approach means:

We strive to understand your business, build trust and create compelling, memorable experiences that help you build customer loyalty. We can help you understand your new business models and safely transition your customers and staff to the new world.

Through a blend of technical and industry expertise, we help you make the most of your legacy systems, while introducing new platforms, technologies and interactions. We can see through the potential capability of new technologies and help you understand what will benefit your business and your customers the most. We can provide fast learning through efficient delivery of new models, helping you to decide where to invest.


Within Endava, we nurture a culture of knowledge sharing, enabling all the staff delivering on your project to enjoy our decades-long industry experience. We further strengthen our capabilities by frequently participating in industry forums, investing in industry bodies, and hosting Innovation Labs to explore and prove the viability of developing ideas.

We also have the engineering capability and deployment experience to enable us to bring your ideas through PoC to reality, including systems with a very high-throughput high-performance requirement, and those which generate high volumes of data such as IoT-focused solutions.

By focusing on how we can best meet the need to release new services quickly with quality and cost-effectiveness, we build a package of value-based services around your business needs. We enable you to innovate around your digital operations, and delight users with improved services.
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