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Building The Foundations Of A Frictionless Future

We are on the cusp of the biggest change in how people and goods move around the planet. In this rapidly evolving environment, organisations have the chance to position themselves to capitalise on new opportunities as they unfold, by reimagining the ecosystem that makes up mobility.

Endava has extensive experience across the various industries that will need to work together to make the frictionless future of mobility a reality. In order to help you build dynamic technology platforms that scale, we work with you from idea generation all the way through to final production, combining our technology strategy expertise with the knowledge of how to create experiences that inspire users.

We can help you design a digital and data-driven roadmap that outlines the steps you need to take to achieve your vision of the future and how your technology will need to evolve to facilitate growth.


Endava defines mobility as technologies and systems that enable people and goods to traverse the landscape of the physical world faster, more efficiently, and with more granularity than is currently available today.”

Seth Clifford



Evolving Digital In The Airline Industry

Endava is helping some of the largest airlines to successfully streamline and digitise their business, resulting in reduced costs and enabling up-selling opportunities along the complete passenger journey. We help airlines focus on delivering improved UX, increased loyalty, streamlined payment options, enterprise application development, the integration of services and solutions and how to reduce complexities within their enterprise IT systems.

Our technology expertise and deep airline domain knowledge and advisory services can help airlines think outside the box by utilising proven emerging technologies such as AI, ML, conversational computing, blockchain and immersive technologies.

Driving Digital Innovation In Automotive

The automotive industry is well positioned to accelerate its digital transformation from both an internal and operational perspective to its external market-facing strategies.

As physical vehicles and digital services converge, Endava provides cross-industry domain expertise that can build a new value-generating ecosystem for the automotive industry, from in-car payments, to personalised car assistants, on-board entertainment systems, and more.

By defining new enterprise IT architectures and creating and implementing connected vehicle solutions, we can help to drive cutting-edge automated, personalised digital user interfaces and experiences and close the customer-centricity gap through services that proactively focus on the art of the possible. 

We also help to ensure higher future sustainability through better energy management, predictive consumption data and route optimisation or by providing emission control and management platforms to OEMs.


After more than 30 years in the automotive industry, this is the most exciting time in my career as digitisation accelerates business change and agile IT solutions companies like Endava become key components and enablers of the future to mobility.”

Tony Whitehorn

former President and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK Ltd.


The Digitisation Of Transport And Logistics

Never in the history of globalised industry has there been a more pressing need for a resilient, robust supply chain or an accurate, reliable, and predictable model for performance. We are witnessing unprecedented change as businesses struggle to quickly recreate core elements of their daily operations and pivot without clear visibility or data to make critical decisions.

Endava partners with transport and logistics companies, analysing business process workflows to help better understand where the breaking points are in complex systems. Through foundational enterprise IT architectural review and analytics implementation, we can assess how the right technologies can be applied to create clarity where it may be lacking today. 

Endava also offers solutions that address dock and yard management, warehouse automation, and intralogistics to ensure clients can streamline their warehouse operations so that they run more quickly, easily and reliably.

Through the digitisation of legacy, manual processes, and with critical bottlenecks automated appropriately, our partners can recognise new levels of speed, efficiency, and transparency.

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Maersk Extends Customer Reach and Strengthens Their Position as an Industry Leader with Endava

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