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Worldwide Insurance Provider Accelerates Quote Generation with New Engine


Insurance plays a crucial role in our lives and providing quotes as fast and reliably as possible can offer great customer support to enhance the entire experience.

This worldwide insurance provider wanted to improve the quote generation process by replacing their outmoded Excel system with a new web-based commercial quote engine. The new system would benefit underwriters by not only standardising the way quotes are created, but also by increasing the efficiency and turnaround time for a quotation.

To build the new engine, the client needed help from a trusted IT firm with World-Class Engineering capabilities and expert knowledge of the insurance domain.


We helped the insurance provider take the new commercial quote engine from ideation to production in 12 months. During the project, the Endava team scaled up to 30 people in order to support the delivery of five live products and the development of the quote engine’s modern design.

Thanks to a 3-tier layer architecture design, load balanced architecture, and a single Structured Query Language (SQL) instance, our team was able to build a centralised system to facilitate the client’s ability to capture important data related to insurance and finances.


The worldwide insurance provider sought a partner who could offer a consultancy firm’s business and technology capabilities, contribute the skills of a digital agency to develop and build intelligent, customer-centric experiences, and deliver the engineering capabilities of a world-class IT services organisation.

Endava met all the above criteria, and with an Agile approach, supported the client by helping them build the robust platform their business needed.


With their new web-based quotation engine, the client has effectively accelerated quote generation for their 1000+ users across 10 countries.

The solution has also helped the insurance provider financially, with the client having netted more than £1 billion in earned premiums.