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The R&A Delivers An Engaging User Experience With Endava



Orchestrating and executing a world class competition requires world class support. And with today’s audiences capable of instantly watching prominent athletes perform at a global level, they expect nothing but the best when it comes to up-to-the-second stats and info on their favourite players. As such, The R&A, the world’s oldest golf organisation, wanted the flexibility to expand and contract the level of their capacity to match the high increase in online traffic during their tournament, The Open.



One important aspect needed to ensure high performance and success with any given endeavour, particularly in sports, lies within the synergy of steadfast trust and experience. Having had a strong relationship with The R&A for over 13 years, Endava was selected to provide the combination of reliable digital services and competitive pricing which was required to achieve their goals.

Balancing the need to supply mission-critical infrastructure and a flexible service that expands and contracts according to traffic volumes, the golf organisation benefits from the support of a dedicated operations team providing infrastructure management, planning, and maintenance services. Scaling up significantly to monitor and respond to the increased activity during The Open, our team of infrastructure and server engineers has effectively become part of the event team ensuring flawless performance, in spite of over 15 million page impressions per day.
The platform has been set up on a virtualised private cloud, hosted across our data centres, and enhanced by web services that pull data in from multiple 3rd parties to construct and provide the users with up-to-the-minute statistical data. Working closely with the Agile delivery team, Endava’s cloud developers ensure a higher level of responsiveness and adaptability, both before and during The Open.



Due to top-notch engineering and collaboration, both parties benefit from nothing but success. A highly scalable service increases global product availability throughout The R&A’s championships, as well as the ability to quickly and effectively manage both traffic spikes and unexpected events. Through this approach, consumers were provided with a highly engaging experience that has grown throughout the years, supporting the goal of enabling the widest global reach for the product.