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Residential real estate franchise increase traffic and leads with Endava



As technology evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, businesses must implement more adaptive measures to embrace digital innovation. One of the most well-known residential real estate franchises engaged Endava to undergo a digital transformation to better align their internal processes, communication tools, and systems in order to empower their agents and enhance revenue.



In order to successfully institute change across an organisation, even in the areas that are currently working for you, a thorough assessment and evaluation is imperative to ensure the soundest structural improvements can be made. Our team formulated a comprehensive digital strategy, which took the company through a discovery process, analysing marketing campaign initiatives, competitors, and tools. We also interviewed a large number of stakeholders to guarantee deliverables and business goals remained aligned throughout the process.

By putting users at the centre, we found that buyers were interested in the homes, whereas sellers cared about the brand selling their house. As a result, we helped our client shift their business focus, and build the right systems, interfaces, and tools to cater to each audience. This culminated in helping buyers quickly find listings and, at the same time, delivering fresh content to agents and brokers through user-friendly interfaces.



We leveraged both business intelligence, analysis, and optimal user experience to create an environment that allows agents to drive a conversation about the homes they’re selling, thus benefiting both buyers and sellers.

The engagement allowed us to help our client substantially increase their traffic and leads, up to 70%, through a user-friendly, robust, and cost-effective platform.