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Reimagining urban tourism with iVie


The Vienna Tourist Board wanted to create a unique and complete city guide for people visiting and living in Vienna.   
The aspiration is that the guide should become a staple of city tourism and follow in the footsteps of the massively impressive city it represents, while offering its visitors a comprehensive experience, a friendly and smart companion to enjoy Vienna to the fullest.


One app for a thousand different experiences

In response, Endava conceptualised, designed and developed iVie - an elegant and engaging native mobile application, available on both Android & IOS, that enables visitors and residents alike to enjoy and (re)discover the amazing city of Vienna at their own pace and based on their personal interest, be it music, history, arts or parties and other fun activities.

We designed iVie with a comprehensive set of features, ranging from audio tours to guided city walks, imagining it as the best companion to have at hand and offering a collection of experiences as vibrant as the city’s atmosphere.

Both a digital travel guide and a city guide, Endava created a cultural and chic urban experience companion. iVie shows more than just the way to major sightseeing, cultural, musical, historical objectives, it also offers curious anecdotes about different locations, insider tips and loads of special stories sprinkled around all over Vienna, waiting to be discovered and shared with the app user via push notifications.

Tourists can listen and learn as they walk through thematic tours, plan ahead and navigate using the map. They can also save favourite locations and add new places that maybe iVie didn’t know about.

iVie also encompasses the Vienna City Card – which offers full mobility, and countless discounts in museums, concerts, shopping, and restaurants.


The Endava team in Berlin was chosen based on our prior experience with tourist guides and our extensive experience in mobile development. Close-to-client location and regular visits helped streamline and deliver the project in 9 months, from idea to production, to delivery.


By partnering with Endava the Vienna Tourist Board was able to create a digital city guide that embodies Vienna’s vibrant and modern spirit whilst offering a world full of urban tourism experiences accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

iVie has also won Gold at the Berlin based Annual Multimedia Awards for shining a new light over beautiful and historic sightseeing locations.   

And The Vienna Tourist Board was awarded Gold in the category "Best Website, App & E-Commerce" for iVie at the webAD of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Austria (IAB).