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Premium watch brand enhances their customer experience with Endava



When the core of your business proposition revolves around precision, it becomes increasingly important that the same theory is applied to your ongoing customer experience after they purchase your product, to strengthen brand loyalty.

And in a world where watches are getting smarter, it makes sense that your customers are supported by smart applications that help them get the most out of their purchase whilst giving you valuable customer insights to identify future revenue opportunities.



Together with Endava, this forward-thinking team creatively leveraged cloud-based Optical Character Recognition to create an app that detects the model and unique identifying information like the serial number of a customer’s new purchase, based on images of the face and back of the watch.

Once identified, the app allows customers to register their watch, activate its warranty, gain access to an interactive user guide and video tutorials for getting the most out of their timepiece, and initiate customer service requests, all from one convenient place–right on their smartphone. The app even knows when a time-zone change means that a customer might need a little help remembering how to update the time on their watch, and provides the information they need before they know they need it.

From here on out, customers can eliminate the requirement to keep paper documentation and can access information and help on the go, should they need it. For passionate watch connoisseurs, this benefit quickly multiplies, along with their collection.



While building this app Endava were engaged in strategic conversations with the team, identifying how to satisfy the needs of today and also the potential capabilities of the app for the future. Endava engineers then went about designing and engineering a platform that integrates with existing backend systems while providing an architectural roadmap which will support the team’s future ambitions for a continually enhanced customer experience.

Today, the app is already providing a clearer view of customer behaviour, through the data offered about customers who previously purchased a product and walked away. With this additional insight, new revenue streams can be identified, and the app has the potential to be rolled out across other brands in the portfolio and to be customised according to individual demographic requirements. With a clear, user-friendly design, the app is easy to navigate, driving adoption from customers.

The benefits of the app are being felt well beyond the team who led the project. An impressive annual saving is being made by moving to digital manuals and watch collateral, with the additional bonus of making the company more environmentally friendly. The data captured by the app is also proving to be valuable to other business units, helping them identify potential new revenue streams.


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