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With millions of members in their state, this insurer is a leader in medical insurance. Their large customer base found the insurer’s existing payments system cumbersome and difficult to navigate, which led to a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

To solve this critical CX challenge, the insurer needed to rapidly improve their payments experience, with the goal of scaling the same approach across their business nationwide. Working with Endava would help the insurer identify payment gaps, improve the member experience, and build a roadmap to position them as a first-in-class digital insurance payment provider.

Finding a Way to Improve CX

The customers—often large companies themselves—felt major frustration when submitting their monthly payments. The member payments experience was outdated, with many paper-driven, manual processes, and required modern technology to improve CX.

The insurer’s main challenges included:

■ Reduced customer satisfaction due to lack of modernized payment options
■ Creating a modern payments system from scratch, including a mobile experience
■ Lack of internal expertise on building modern payments systems
■ Scaling payments strategies across their business in the US

Defining the Ideal Payments Strategy

To create the ideal payments strategy, Endava spent 10 weeks working closely with the insurer’s teams across business, product, and technology. After defining what the gold standard for members looked like, Endava began to scope how the strategy could be supported by technology.

Endava’s strategy consisted of:

■ Performing an architectural assessment of the insurer’s current tech landscape
■ Determining the tech stack to support the insurer’s payments strategy
■ Developing a framework to implement the strategy at scale

A Handcrafted Strategy for Success

With a technically sound and results-focused payments roadmap, the insurer is ready to improve their customer experience and reduce friction across their business. This handcrafted strategy has helped the insurer prepare for RFP processes and has brought them one step closer to a modernized, seamless payments system.

Overall, the redefined payments strategy has helped the insurer:

■ Position themselves to significantly improve payments CX
■ Create a plan to increase efficiency and reduce manual processes
■ Prepare for an RFP process to secure a payments engine partner
■ Define how the strategy could be scaled across the US