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Payments Company Increase Innovation and Improve Responsiveness with Endava



This innovative payments company is proud of their strong customer focus and their ability to scale to meet the growing demands of these customers, made up of merchants, enterprises and banks.

The business has grown over the years, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, which has resulted in a complex technology landscape. In order to simplify and improve the situation, the business started looking for an IT services company who could meet their high expectations and needs, as well as provide cultural affinity and a shared passion to help them achieve their goals and support their extensive offerings in the markets in which they operate.




Together with Endava, the business set out on a journey of consolidation, innovation and transformation. At its peak, the partnership involved over two dozen projects running simultaneously.

This impressive number of projects included the development of two of the businesses first microservices-based platforms and their first deployment to private cloud. Together the teams ensured that there was a consistent, dedicated focus to security and regulatory compliance and engineering excellence.

Endava helped the business develop their technology strategy and ensure that they were staying on track through the use of our bespoke metrics tool, which allows for insightful, detailed reporting on projects at scale.




This partnership took both teams to a new level of co-operation. Special, branded and badged areas were set up in the Endava delivery centres for the teams working on the various projects, and the Endavans attended training to help them gain a deep understanding of both the business, the values and culture of their people, as well as their objectives and requirements. Endava helped coach the business through an agile transformation, enabling an entire business segment to work agile at scale for the entire idea to production lifecycle.

As a result, the business can be more product-focused and responds better to regulatory changes, market opportunities and threats as well as customer needs. Together the teams have delivered a number of valuable improvements and built strong and lasting relationships along the way.