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Modernisation of critical operating systems – ASX top 200 financial services giant 

This client is one of Australia’s leading wealth managers with more than $290 billion of assets under management, an ASX Top 200 company providing financial advice, investment, superannuation and trustee services for more than a century.

Setting the Scene

In response to the government reform in the finance industry and our client’s continued growth, they acquired several large financial services companies. This represented an array of complex challenges as the client started integrating billions of records from disparate systems into their custom wealth management platform. Not only did they need to ensure they built feature parity into their existing platform to service newly acquired customers as part of the acquisitions, they also needed to perform major upgrades to accommodate new data and significant increases in system load from the new volume of customers. This all needed to be balanced with already scheduled user experience improvements and new features across the entire product range. In order to achieve this, a multi-year program was established and Endava was engaged as one of the major partners to help deliver on several key initiatives.

The Endava Approach

Endava provided several multi-disciplinary squads of Technical Experts and Designers that worked closely with the client from discovery to release on each and every project; boosting the capability and delivery speed of the client's existing teams. Endava teams follow agile principles in all facets including in new applications and all third-party application integrations. This strongly aided in the move from on-premise infrastructure to cloud deployments and always included thorough documentation for effective and lasting knowledge-sharing.

The Business Benefit and Outcomes

Across all projects, Endava helped the client improve their speed to market by increasing deployment frequency from once or twice a year to dozens of deployments a day.
The client's first mobile applications were created, allowing members to manage their super with a dedicated and optimised experience from both iOS and Android devices.
The ability to connect data from disparate sources in real-time by upgrading their centralised data-streaming warehouse.
Improved the client's portfolio optimisation service, returning discounts to customers during buying and selling of superannuation investment portfolio assets.
An overhaul of adviser dashboards were created, concentrating all critical client information in one place and empowering the client to better provide advice to its customers.
Automation of the client's form submission process for advice fees, beneficiaries and new business with DocuSign, reducing form submission times from months to minutes.
Development of systems and controls for the Design and Distribution Obligations regulatory framework, to ensure the client always remains compliant and protects its customers.
Migration to a new authentication implementation with Auth0, improving security standards and access to client portals and mobile applications for over 150,000 customers.