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Major International Airline Personalises UX and Accelerates Bookings with Customer-Centric Platform


Aware of passengers’ evolving needs, this major international airline started looking at how they could use technology to personalise travel and transform the user experience (UX).

The client needed a platform that could cater to customers’ every travel need – from the moment they begin the booking process to the instant they arrive back home.

The solution needed to be modern, flexible, and easy to integrate, offering a user-centric approach, utilising the latest technology, and providing convenient features in support of the airline’s 100 million-plus customer base. 


With an aggressive nine-month deadline, we provided the airline with a full scrum team consisting of approximately 10 frontend, backend, QA and testing engineers, as well as a scrum master. We set up a special user interface (UI) team of five engineers to develop the platform’s CSS and HTML, ensuring the complete application was exactly as envisioned by the client’s design team.

Within three weeks, our development team presented the airline’s CEO with the first demo. The application continued to undergo constant scrutiny until launch, with the team seeking relentless feedback from customers and senior management.

Using Couchbase, the application sits across three data centres, with all backend data seamlessly synced at all times. By making recommendations on internal structures and bridging the gap between UI design and development, we were able to transform the platform from an idea into a working product.

The finished product is a user-focused platform that sits at the heart of the client’s commitment to growth and enhanced customer service, acting as a travel buddy to millions of customers worldwide. The solution allows passengers to create their own personal profiles, securely store payment and passport details, and search the airline’s 1,600 air fare routes.

Based on the personal profile, the airline can also help customers with any other travel-related activities such as hotel and restaurant suggestions, trip tips, as well as logistics to and from the airport. It can even connect users with other passengers with whom they can share a taxi.


Following the design phase, the airline required a reliable and innovative development team who could employ Agile methodologies to bring their vision to life.

For these reasons, the client partnered with Endava to develop the solution which, according to their CTO, is not only a strategic tool, but also central to the airline’s strategy for personalising the user experience.


The platform significantly reduces booking times and enables faster flight check-ins. At peak booking times, the app can fill four Boeing 737s in just one minute.

Currently, more than seven million customers use the platform for their travel needs, and its popularity is growing by an average of 8,000 users per day.

Furthermore, the platform is localised in 17 different languages, allowing the airline to provide a more seamless and personalised service to customers across the world.