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Judopay Accelerate Growth With Endava



Judopay are a mobile-centric payments platform that provides an easily integrated solution for brands such as KFC, Wahaca and Revolution Bars. While providing reliable, secure and seamless payment flows, they're continually building ways to enhance the overall payment experience for both the merchants and their customers.



Mobile technology develops at an unprecedented pace, and when coupled with the dynamic changes of the payments industry, it can mean you need a niche set of skills to execute on your vision. In order to meet market demands and drive innovation, Judopay needed to find developers who had the skills that cover everything that mobile means; aside from native iOS and Android, this includes the various mobile-focused programming languages and cross platform app development frameworks like Xamarin and React Native. In order to stay agile and provide flexibility, Judopay partnered with Endava based on a combination of their engineering excellence, collaborative engagement model and proven payment industry expertise.



Judopay are passionate about developing intuitive, world-class mobile payments solutions, whether it is for a native app or for consumers who are increasingly browsing and purchasing from websites using their phone. 

They wanted a development partner that would share their passion for their product and help them avoid keyman dependencies and deliver quality at speed. Judopay have always run a lean and agile IT department, but a nearshore partnership was a new way of doing business for them. After a successful 12-month partnership, they have no plans of turning back.



Together, the Judopay and Endava teams are able to solidify Judopay's vision into reality. Endava's vast payments expertise has helped Judopay validate that they are on the right track, and the partnership means new ideas are brought into production quickly and easily. The teams work together as one joined up unit, which was important to Judopay so that they could maintain their culture of collaboration and agile working.

Judopay trust that Endava provides a truly cross-functional development team, which is able to take on responsibilities for multiple platforms and tackle challenges, regardless of platform, technology, or skill required. Together the teams are responsible for the growth and redesign of Judopay's native iOS and Android platforms, the development of cross-platform mobile solutions via the React Native framework, as well as ensuring that mobile-centric solutions result in an enhanced desktop experience too.



Judopay's best in class components are making a big difference to their merchant's businesses. To make sure of this, they invited the Endava team to join in on merchant feedback calls. The result was ensuring iterative feedback was immediately implemented and merchants are able to tailor products to what they need. 

With Endava's support, Judopay have built a consumer-centric tailored payment widget, which is quickly becoming a product of choice for app developers, displacing some more established brands. It has also been nominated for an innovation award and is helping to drive new revenue opportunities for Judopay. Endava is now confirmed to be a 'proven successful compliment' to Judopay and the partnership is viewed as a long-term driver of success for both businesses in the future.