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Investment Management Firm Improve Efficiency with Endava



A well-established investment management firm had been growing and broadening their capabilities for a number of years. As is common in the industry, they had joined forces with a number of different businesses through mergers and acquisitions, which had resulted in a dynamic mix of both cultures and technology platforms.

The business had a lot of ambition, which centred around their ability to get their expertise into the hands of the clients in the most seamless and user friendly way possible, and to continue to provide innovative products and services that would benefit both their clients and the economies in which they operate. To make this a reality, they realised that they needed some help. They went to tender to find a technology partner who could help them to initially augment their delivery teams with a view of transitioning to service delivery and guide them on the best way to build their next generation platforms.



The Endava team were brought in to evaluate and futureproof a key investment platform for the business. The initial engagement model had Endava engineers working alongside the in-house team, who had struggled to have enough capacity to make the necessary changes on their own.

It didn’t take long for it to become clear that the Endava team culture and values were very closely aligned to those of the in-house team and the wider firm, and this was going to be a partnership that would grow into something incredibly productive.



After an initially steep learning curve for the Endava engineers, who needed to become experts not only in the technology that they were using to build a great platform, but also in investment management principles, the firm were impressed by the high quality of the Endavans and the work produced. They started to expand the engagement, and the team size grew along with the areas of responsibility that Endava took over. 

Right from the beginning, both teams had a clear idea of the expectations and ensured that there was transparency around the progress that they were making. They were not afraid to challenge each other’s thinking in order to reach the best outcome for the firm and their clients.



Today, the Endava team design, build, test and support the firm’s strategic platform. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring that the firm has only the best technology platforms and products has allowed the firm to operate more efficiently and get new products to market faster. Having moved away from disparate systems that needed to be reverse engineered to produce the outcomes that clients were expecting, to running a CI/CD pipeline and planning an agile transformation, the positive change as a result of the partnership is undeniable. The Endava engineers are passionate about the firm’s business and their clients and have become experts in a new industry as a result of their determination to help their in-house counterparts achieve their business objectives.