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With decades of experience in foreign exchange and operations in dozens of countries, it is important to aspire to a common goal of open-mindedness and innovation to facilitate growth. This particular institution has set the bar high, and continually manage to exceed their own expectations.

Based on their size and the volume of clientele that use their various services, the product teams are focused on creating new offerings that meet the changing needs of their B2B and B2C customers. Technology plays an important role in the business, and the systems and platforms that support it need to be up to the task.



Endava partnered with the business to support their internal technology teams with the design, implementation and infrastructure automation for a digital payments product.

The business wanted a trusted partner with experience in distributed agile as well as payments expertise. In addition to supplementing the engineering expertise of their teams, Endava provided guidance on the best way for the business to scale, including how to adopt a more agile approach and helping the team identify gaps which could be filled by bringing new capabilities into the business.

As the engagement grew, the partnership between Endava and the business evolved to feature both mixed and stand-alone Endava teams, depending on the project. Thanks to the DevOps culture of the business and the use of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, both team models are empowered to deliver the best product or service possible at all times, from the initial development of an idea all the way through to production.

Through Automation and AWS services, the teams are able to achieve release on demand, where new functionality is deployed into the production environment and released immediately. In addition, Scrum of Scrums was introduced to ensure awareness and cohesion across the various project teams, and further empower product owners to make the best decisions possible for their projects.



Like many well-established organisations, as product and service offerings have grown, the underlying systems that support them have become more complex. In order to simplify things, Endava are working to design an MVP platform based on microservices and AWS that could support multichannel products in a more cohesive way, improving on the already excellent responsiveness and efficiency derived from DevOps today.

The partnership between the teams has been inspiring on both sides, with Endavans benefiting from the forward-thinking environment and DevOps culture and the internal team benefiting from having excellent engineers to augment their teams where necessary and demonstrate the benefits of distributed agile collaboration.