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Explore the cutting-edge technology behind Hudson MX’s enterprise media platform

Connecting the dots across media buying

Back in 2016 Hudson MX identified a need for advertising agencies to modernise their media buying and accounting tools, integrate their disjointed processes and systems, and establish connectivity with their commercial partners, including media owners. Their vision was to create the world’s first cloud-based, customisable platform, along with a suite of open APIs for all media types, markets, and end-to-end workflows.

As a fast-moving start-up with a big vision, Hudson MX sought a nimble, trusted partner with creative ideas, processes, and people, who could help them deliver an incredibly robust, secure, and scalable platform. We helped define the MX Platform’s system architecture and proof of concept, and have worked closely with their teams to build, maintain, and scale the media ecosystem’s only modern enterprise solution.

Watch this video to learn more about how technological excellence and strong cooperation are helping Hudson MX transform the media buying landscape.

Tech at the heart of transformation

The MX Platform™ is the first-ever enterprise media platform, designed to power streamlined and effective omnichannel media activation at scale. This solution enables the unification of all media buying and accounting workflows for all media types–including planning, buying, billing, paying, administration and reporting – with limitless potential to integrate any proprietary or third-party tools and data to optimally deliver on media planning goals.

Scroll on to explore different layers of the cutting-edge technology behind the MX Platform™.

Sophisticated Rules Engine and Optimisation Algorithm

To provide better user experience, drive best practices, and improve efficiency along the entire campaign planning and management process, we have developed and implemented sophisticated programmatic solutions. By leveraging custom rule settings, administrators and users can have customised levels of control over various aspects of the workflow.

Cloud-based API-first Design

The MX Platform™ is “future-proof” and flexible largely due to its cloud-based API-first design. Supported by an open integration capability, it allows media buyers to have all their information in one place, and access it with ease. By enabling data-driven buying at scale, the MX Platform™ helps its users work with greater efficiency and make better media investment decisions.

Real-Time Data Processing

Buyers need relevant, up-to-date information at their fingertips to act quickly and make the best decisions. The speed at which the platform operates, along with the ability to easily get data in and out and access it seamlessly when and where needed, provides a distinct competitive advantage. By offering real-time, omnichannel data warehouse and API integration, the MX Platform™ enables teams to work more efficiently.

No-code/Low-code Functional Flow

With the aim of providing a more personalised user experience, we’ve rolled out a flexible interface design to support unique strategies that enable customers to configure their UX and buying workflows according to their own needs. Thanks to the implementation of an easy low-code/no-code functionality and interface, users can set their custom workstreams and have full control over their UX and business flow, according to customised levels of access and permission.


Hudson MX and Endava worked closely together to produce a modern and modular tech stack and architecture that can fully meet the needs of media buying and accounting teams—today, and in the future.

Hudson’s MX Platform™ has now been used by all of the major global advertising holding companies, including the top agencies in the U.S., to transact media buys with 3,000+ media sellers in all 210 markets—with transaction volume on track to equal billions over the next year. On average, clients have reported 20-35% time savings, depending on the media type and workflows automated.

We’re excited to continue our journey to create further efficiencies and capabilities for Hudson MX’s clients, leveraging emerging technologies, data insights and AI.