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The client, a long-time customer of ours, employs a dedicated in-house IT team to help oversee the functionality of its websites and apps. But it always wanted extra hands-on deck solely focused on cost control, operational efficiency and risk management.  

To supplement portions of the customer’s existing internal expertise, we’ve integrated our 10-person team into the client’s existing workflow to continually help establish and maintain high operational standards. 


The relationship we’ve built with the client is more than transactional. They consult us on strategic objectives and value the soft and technical expertise we bring to each interaction. Furthermore, our low attrition and rotation rates mean we are a reliable partner provide reliability. 

On this specific project, the project manager divided our developers into three teams of specialty-driven work cells to hit agreed-upon cost control, efficiency and risk management benchmarks.

A Multi-Layered Approach

regular touchpoints

Quality and communication have been our priorities from day one with this client, and we always strive to lead with those values. Our team has weekly, tri-weekly and monthly meetings with the client to discuss goals, risk and long-term strategic initiatives.  

Every six months, each cell’s scrum master meets with the project manager to determine what the most urgent needs are for the upcoming sprint along with any long-term outlooks. This can include goals, potential red flags and anything the client feels is urgent. 


As an innovation driven company, our client is always looking for new challenges every week and every sprint,” Senior Agile Project Manager Diego Alvarez said. “Our research capabilities and our way of work let us have the perfect team shape for those tasks and let us answer to their high expectations"

Diego Alvarez

Senior Agile Project Manager