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For more than 80 years, an outdoor gear retailer has dedicated itself to providing outdoor enthusiasts the resources needed to have responsible, enjoyable nature experiences. Wanting to continually evolve for its customer base, the brand is always on the hunt for ways to widen its reach affordably and flexibly.

As their long-time partner, we’ve leaned on our team’s engineering and analytical expertise along with common values shared with the client to help them create varied, innovative digital solutions dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.

Lasting Partnerships

Culture fit was a connecting bridge that kicked off our relationship with the client. We both value working with smart and experienced people, and we’ve been able to build a strong, collaborative rapport. Another shared priority was the care and support we put into our relationships with our clients and employees, a value that’s grown even more important since our relationship began in 2017.

What began as a 4-person team on our side has ballooned to 50 people working in teams covering front- and back-end development, business operations/analytics, testing, project management, and data.

The trust built on both sides allows us to regularly practice governance structure, modify onboarding processes, share knowledge, and conduct cross-team pair reviews to ensure client objectives remain the priority. Plus, it gives us the flexibility to be a reliable and versatile partner that brings regular value to the relationship.

Multi-Layered Solutions

Despite the clients’ 179 U.S. brick-and-mortars, active online storefront, and customer-facing app, we always keep an eye on helping them expand their reach. As our partnership has grown, we’ve regularly worked on the following digital initiatives to help the client keep pushing toward that objective:

■ User Experience: Specifically, we aided the online scheduler, gift cards, wish list, store pages, queue management, checkout, and retail store administration. A combination of front-end and back-end development and Salesforce integration helped us bring this work up to date.

■ Searchability: To improve and streamline the product search process, we implemented search engine optimization practices and recommendation algorithms. Furthermore, we implemented improved search tools into the company’s website infrastructure to make searches more accessible, user-friendly, and accurate.

■ Specialized Pages: To better reach more niche searchers, we provided development and configuration support on outdoor and adventure microsites along with Salesforce, designed to engage online visitors whose interests were in those areas.

Experiencing Growth

Our continuing relationship has helped the client achieve the goals they set out to attain. The brand’s digital sales channels now account for 41% of total sales numbers, plus our work has helped cut down overall spending. With that success, our team has been able to build trust and find new ways to bring value to the relationship.

They empower us to regularly sharpen our technical and business skill sets and become better partners to them and future customers. And we look forward to pushing the collaboration to new heights.