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Healthtech provider reimagines telehealth with Endava



This healthtech provider offers a number of complementary solutions to both patients and physicians to improve patient engagement and patient outcomes. One important area of focus is helping patients to recover from musculoskeletal injuries, which typically require ongoing treatment from a physiotherapist for longer periods of time. 

The healthtech provider wanted to reimagine the way that virtual consultations are conducted and the way that technology could be used to provide smarter experiences and valuable data for both patients and clinicians. They chose to partner with Endava to develop an immersive media telehealth experience based on our engineering expertise, ability to scale and our successful model of working with blended teams.



During a patient’s initial physiotherapy consultation, it is important to properly classify injuries and measure exactly where each patient is starting from in terms of their range of motion. In person, this is relatively easy to do, but there are a number of reasons why a patient might prefer to have their consultation from the comfort of their own home. 

Thanks to Endava’s immersive media overlay, a basic telehealth appointment can become a precise consultation where range of motion can be measured, images and data securely captured, and progress measured thanks to a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence. There are no complicated devices that need to be purchased; all you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera. 

From the first telehealth appointment, clinicians are able to remotely classify issues, and from there they can monitor patients’ recovery progress by tracking and capturing the range of motion. The solution dynamically tracks measurements providing real-time feedback and coaching while patients are performing exercises, and reinforcing proper form and posture. Simultaneously, the pictures and data are shared with the healthcare provider so they can assess the progress being made.



The solution is already having a positive impact on the recovery of patients and on the ability of clinicians to better serve their patients virtually. Endava delivered a state-of-the-art application that provides a completely new experience for patients through the combination of a good quality video platform, the latest and best user experience practices and bleeding-edge immersive media technology.

Added benefits include helping physicians and patients quantify the value of the care provided to healthcare insurance providers through the use of data and images that determine patient progress. This innovative technology is improving patients’ quality of life, while lowering the cost of care and providing demonstrated positive outcomes. Endava and the telehealth provider will continue to work together to develop further functionality using the technology.