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Health-tech leader improves patient care with Endava



When a patient is ready to leave acute care, it is a cause for celebration, both for the patient and their loved ones, and for the medical professionals that have been involved in saving a life. This transition is also a critical component in ongoing patient recovery - it needs to be done right, and you only get one chance.




Thanks to two decades of experience in handling care transitions, including coming up with innovative solutions to improve the process for patients, providers and healthcare plans, this health-tech company’s solutions are continuing to ensure the optimisation of care.

For the IT and product design teams this means the need to consciously evolve products to include the latest technologies, and then to develop and maintain digital solutions. Endava provides the teams with the support to do just that.



By blending Endava’s agile delivery practices and high-quality engineering with an excellent partnership and innovative thinking, the team are able to achieve their ambitions of using modern technology to bring new products to life more quickly and ensuring their entire product suite is kept up to date, secure and stable.

Steps are being taken to incrementally migrate services to a new platform which has been evolved to ensure that no existing functionality has been lost on the new platform. A carefully planned roadmap for the migration allows existing customers to work across both the existing and the new platform seamlessly. Customers were migrated using bespoke tools that were designed to facilitate a fast and smooth experience. The business is invested in improving the development process by using continuous integration tools to automate the release management of applications, creating a continuous delivery pipeline.



The teams work together to ensure that patient care can be the number one priority for everyone involved. By coordinating data transfers between various systems and placing it all in one centralised repository, healthcare professionals are able to identify each unique patient’s requirements and get them to the right place to get the help they need. Because the data is digital in one place, the risk of lost paperwork is removed, the time it takes to refer a patient decreases and collaboration between various healthcare functions improves.



As data continues to help inform our decisions about our health, more connected and collaborative systems are required. Having a strong technology platform as a foundation means that the team can continue to evolve their products at speed.

By continuing the strong partnership with Endava, the teams engineering capability is augmented by people who are as passionate about their business as they are themselves.

The result is optimised care and satisfaction for patients, better allocation of resources for providers and continued growth for the business.