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Global Athletic Apparel Retailer Increases Customer Engagement Through E-Commerce Enhancements


A sound mind in a sound body, as they say. That being so, it’s important for people to be able to rely on a trustworthy vendor for stylish, high-quality attire which can help motivate them to make their fitness goals a reality.

One global athletic apparel retailer has taken on that role and has aimed at better serving their customers’ quests to suit up for physical wellness. Achieving this meant enhancing their main e-commerce website while making certain technological improvements within their business.

They sought an IT company not only capable of delivering world-class engineering skills to provide front-end digital developments and assistance in growing their technology estate, but also a trusted partner willing to work closely alongside them throughout the journey.


Over the course of a partnership which has spanned several years, Endava has helped with work on the athletic apparel retailer’s website while supplying support in the growth of their technology estate.

We have deployed several scrum teams who have been working across the client’s technology stack to deliver new customer-focused features to the site while also providing greater product evolution.
Endava has also helped the client streamline processes, proposed and implemented improvements to technology architecture and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, and has improved testing automation.

These efforts have contributed to the creation of a more efficient approach to product development as we support the client’s move towards a healthy roadmap of new features.


The client was aware of Endava from a previous project and partnered with us to help meet their needs with tech stack growth and website enhancements.

We ramped up work while gradually meeting their team and provided strong communication and technical skills.


Through our work with the global athletic apparel company, Endava has supported positive developments along three different value streams:

   1. By delivering page design enhancements, our teams have helped increase product awareness and customer engagement. 

   2. Through the redesign and error mitigation of outbound customer communication emails following their purchases, we’ve helped provide an elevated online experience. 

   3. Using a modern tech stack and architecture, the checkout experience has been improved with our contribution to the reduction of cart and checkout abandonment rates.

With a robust front-end for their website and a sturdy technological framework in place, the client can continue to provide best in class service to their customers and support them in their fitness journey.