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Order Hub Drives Sales Increase for Craft Beverage Software Company Ekos

Founded in 2014, Ekos is a business management software that helps craft beverage makers manage inventory, production, sales, accounting, and more. While existing Ekos software provided a wealth of capabilities to brewers and winemakers, there was an untapped opportunity to create a new software product to help streamline the sales and distribution process.     

With a conference presentation swiftly approaching, Ekos leadership needed a strategic engineering and delivery partner who could augment their in-house teams and make this new offering a reality.


Building a product to serve a new market


Ekos had long hoped for a way to make the sales order process more seamless for beverage makers, wholesale distributors, and retailers. Distributors play a critical role in the craft beverage supply chain, and Ekos recognized the opportunity they had to expand their reach and create a product to serve their needs. 

Aside from reaching this new market, Ekos’ main challenges revolved around:

■ Customer adoption and retention
■ Differentiating themselves from competitors
■ Lack of technology adoption among distributors
■ Pulling data from their core application to create a new platform
■ Setting the tone for future large-scale tech projects


A global effort in development


“Order Hub is a strategically important project to Ekos. It expands our reach across the craft supply chain and sets the future technical direction for how we build and deliver software. We were looking for an experienced software partner who could work collaboratively with our engineers as one team, and we found that with Endava.”
 - Patrick Milburn, CTO of Ekos 

After conducting customer and market research, they decided to create the Ekos Order Hub, with the goal of launching the new product at the Craft Brewers Conference. Ekos had a firm vision for the new product but needed a partner to aid them with development and finalizing the technical architecture.

The resulting approach was an integrated, global effort across Endava and Ekos teams that would accelerate the development of the hub and kick off a new chapter for Ekos’ products and brand.

To build the hub, Endava created teams to focus on:
■ Development 
■ UX design
■ Project management 
■ Technical architecture


Delivering impactful results in 90 days


Ekos and Endava worked closely together to produce a working platform that was ready to be presented at the Craft Brewers Conference—all within 90 days.

The product launch was a huge success for Ekos, leading to these key results:

■ Significant increase in sales and leads
■ Order Hub is now included in their standard offering
■ Order Hub access for nearly 2,000 existing customers

Long after the initial storm of booth traffic and conference-driven leads, the Ekos Order Hub continues to differentiate Ekos and provide a high-value offering to its customers. This project helped set a new technical standard for Ekos and has led to a lasting and thriving partnership between Ekos and Endava.