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Digitisation of Quote and Buy - Australia’s Leading Insurance Group

This client is a multinational insurance provider and the largest in Australia and New Zealand; an ASX Top 200 company, named behind some of the most trusted and respected brands in the countries it operates in. With Endava’s help, this client’s vision of their products came to life. Our team created, uplifted and re-platformed several of their products and services with modern technology.

  • ■ Digital Transformation
  • ■ Digital Platform
  • ■ Digital Integration

Setting the Scene

The client’s legacy systems weren’t scalable and had security risks that needed to be addressed through an uplift and shift. The client needed a white-labelled product to enable and integrate with multiple external insurance partners with quick onboarding and minimal customisation. The enterprise level provider consisted of multiple teams with legacy ways of working that needed to shift to more modern principles of delivery.


Collaborative Expertise

Endava provided a technical solution based on serverless MFE architecture, acting as lead constructers, that would allow rapid scalability and multiple teams to work simultaneously. The Endava squad optimised delivery with agile principles catering for the changing requirements and short delivery timeframes. Endava’s UX team set up a white-label design pattern that could be implemented across different partners with minimal UX and content changes, thus drastically boosting delivery speed.


Exceeding Expectations

  • Endava enabled the client to deliver projects with aggressive timelines, on time and on budget for several of its partners across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our Technical leadership empowered our client by moving their legacy products to a new platform that the team set up for long-term success.
  • The creation of a seamless user experience through digital application for the client’s users and customers.
  • The creation of white-labelled products that can be implemented for new partners in short time frames.
  • The creation of designs that are easy to modify and implement for new partners with minimal content and compliance changes, thus speeding up the set-up process for any new partner.
  • The application of reuse principles throughout delivery that enabled the simultaneous delivery of several teams across multiple insurance products.
  • The modernisation and improvement of the underlying core IT systems.