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A Telematics Proof of Concept for a Connected Car
Enhancing reputation through technology

Enhancing reputation through technology

Agile approach for innovation

Agile approach for innovation

Access to IoT Expertise_80x80

Access to IoT expertise


Business Insights

Our client, a major telecom company, was looking to develop, in partnership with a major car manufacturer, a proof of concept in Telematics, an interdisciplinary field encompassing telecomms, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering and computer science.

The Endava Approach

Fully-supporting our client from idea to production, Endava’s Agile teams quickly understood the context and the constraints of the project, engaging in both technical and business requirements, helping the customer prioritise, plan and mitigate the associated risk. Endava teams also managed to innovate the platform through the tools and solutions applied, including: Java, Spring, WSO2, Cassandra.

Benefits Delivered

Through the proof of concept delivered, which covered calculating remaining driving time, tracking information about the car and the content inside it, as well as vehicle management, our client was able to demonstrate breadth and depth of reach which strengthened their market position.