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Beazley increase agility and innovation with Endava


As a global specialist insurer with three decades of experience and a proud participant in Lloyd’s market, the largest and oldest insurance market in the world, everything about Beazley is ‘A’ rated, including their ambition.

Beazley has always had a different approach to insurance. They expect the exceptional and have built an open and collaborative environment where people think outside of the box, share ideas and act decisively, offering their clients the benefit of foresight. 

To amplify the benefits of their experience and their culture, Beazley needed their technology to keep up, and they needed a strategic partner to help their IT teams deliver innovation, increase delivery pace and improve the value of testing. Endava is that partner.


Beazley’s IT team were caught in a cycle of key-man dependency. They needed to add depth to their bench and to share the workload with people they could trust. They quickly realised that the Endavans working alongside them were as passionate and interested in their business as they were. Far from shying away from a challenge, the Endava team were hungry to take on complicated work, which meant that the Beazley team could focus on more strategic imperatives.

The two teams built their rapport and found they had more in common, both businesses have a culture of empowering their people, and both teams love to find creative and clever solutions to complicated business challenges. They started to hold hackathons with great success. With 65% of ideas generated being explored further in an innovation lab, and 36% being put into production, this partnership delivers ongoing business value through teamwork.

The partnership has also inspired a step-change. What started as training from Endava in agile IT delivery soon sparked a desire to create a truly agile business.


In the specialist insurance industry, Beazley continues to lead the charge in innovation, with Endava as the strategic partner behind them each step of the way.

For Beazley, the decision to partner with Endava over a more traditional IT services company has been a smart one. They know that they have a committed team of technology specialists who augment their onsite teams to support core services and to help develop new platforms and products that will drive growth.


Beazley Hack #4 | Sofia, 2018