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As a global leader in B2B payments, this company’s goal is to optimize the use and acceptance of commercial card payments on behalf of suppliers. Since launching in 2018, the company’s main payments processing platform needed a refresh that would create more seamless payments and inspire better customer experiences.

With the existing, on-premises platform serving as the foundation for the company’s business model, redesigning and moving to the cloud was a critical initiative with an aggressive timeline. By leveraging Endava’s deep expertise in Cloud-based technologies and modernization, the payments company was well-positioned to create a product that better supports customers while also reducing costs and time to market.

Finding solutions to support growth

The company’s existing platform previously introduced interchange pricing flexibility to buyers, suppliers, and commercial card issuers. Over time, the company realized the need to expand the platform’s functionalities to support higher transaction volumes and further their goal of reducing payments friction.

The company’s main challenges included:

■ Designing a platform to support 1,000+ transactions daily
■ Introducing rules-based payments routing
■ Finding deep technical expertise to support their small internal teams
■ Increasing revenue opportunities and reducing costs
■ Meeting strict internal deadlines for implementation and launch

To grow their business to the next level, this client needed a strategic and trusted partner to advise their technical leadership. Endava’s industry expertise, communication standards, and technical excellence helped them create a modern, scalable platform.” - Sebastian Denes, Project Delivery Management

Crafting an approach for the future

Endava worked closely with the client to develop the right architecture to support their new, cloud-based platform. The handcrafted strategy solved for the existing platform’s challenges and utilized modern technologies to create the ideal 2.0 version.

Endava’s approach included:

■ Building a team of expert architects, engineers, developers, testers, and designers
■ Determining the cloud strategy, including providers and tech stack
■ Creating a demo site to showcase capabilities
■ Developing and launching features for a cloud-based platform

Modernization making an impact

The cloud-based payments platform launched successfully, allowing the client to reduce costs, improve CX, and grow their business. As they continue to work with Endava, the company hopes to modernize more of their products, further expanding their value, capabilities, and position as a market leader.

The platform’s key results include:

■ Reducing costs and time to market for new clients
■ Improving CX and facilitating new business growth
■ Managing 1K transactions/day, or an average of $12M
■ Endava becoming a key technology partner for new features