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Automotive Manufacturer Generates Multi-Sensory VR Experiences with Endava


There’s nothing quite like witnessing the unveiling of a new cutting-edge car from one of the world’s leading automotive companies. Of course, some real-world limitations can quickly put the brakes on the whole experience. But with advancements in virtual reality (VR), certain obstacles can be drastically reduced, if not removed altogether.  

One world-renowned automotive manufacturer wanted to expand their promotional reach by giving customers the ability to have first-hand experiences of their new electric concept cars through VR.  

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the UX and technology of VR, we were able to create a flexible solution that became usable by over 50,000 attendees at over 30 different events and selected showcases around the globe, providing them with the chance to get up close and look inside the vehicles, and then see them in action.


By modelling the company’s concept cars in 3D on the basis of the original vehicle data and then implementing the VR experience with the Unity game development platform, users can experience the electric cars going full throttle throughout a virtual dry lake with graphics and performance pushed to the highest degree. 

On top of the striking visuals and in-app functions, our VR experience combines the virtual with actual sensory impressions by using real wind machines to simulate a car’s speed.  

We extended this experience multiple times and spun off similar creations for specific events, with certain enhancements including updates to the prototype vehicles, topical changes to the environments, and even versions featuring some of the company’s more classic car models.


As they say, seeing is believing, but in this case, feeling is believing. Our VR experience has not only made many believers in the automotive manufacturer’s brand, but it has also become an award-winning multi-sensory experience in its own right.  

After launching the VR experience, we toured with the company all around the world. During the course of these roadshows, we provided technical support for the execution of the VR experiences in order to introduce their brand to customers in an exciting and engaging way without ever having to bring the actual cars along for the ride.