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Our client is a leading healthcare technology solution for specialty providers, servicing more than 16,000 users with secure, human-friendly products that improve their care experience. Their mission is to simplify the delivery of excellent patient care while retaining Medicare accreditation and compliance.  We were given three months to transform their integration capabilities so they comply with new regulations.

Providing Compliance Expertise

The technical scope of the project required the architecting and implementing of new HL7 FHIR interfaces to support sharing of patient information between healthcare organizations. Furthermore, we were asked to implement design and refactoring changes to the solution’s clinical data structures to achieve compliance.

Using Agile Methodologies

We provided a cross-functional team of business and technical specialists, engineers, and quality assurance specialists with delivery management. That agile team took on end-to-end delivery responsibilities to accomplish the client’s goals.

"It was a true Endava multidisciplinary team. As we earned the trust of our client through our expertise, we gained more and more ownership to ensure success. The client recognized our team’s capabilities and responsiveness around such a mission-critical project.” Julian Colombero, Business Development Manager

Executing Efficiently

Under a tight 3-month timescale, the team provided healthcare solution design expertise and regulation knowledge. Our work ensured the product was designed with compliance in mind, delivered on time and in accordance with all required standards.

“In an industry with rapidly changing regulatory requirements where there may not be subject matter experts that are ahead of the curve, we are able and willing to step up and fill these gaps and provide the expertise needed in the healthcare field” Delivery Partner Leah Gallaway said.