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The Endava Experience | Stephanie Hinton-James | 10 August 2021

The Inclusive Workplace of the Future – a Q&A with Asif Sadiq MBE

Looking back on our first Endava Inclusion Week, Stephanie Hinton-James shares some key questions and insights in a Q&A session with Asif Sadiq on Diversity & Inclusion, including topics like the importance of social mobility and intersectionality when creating inclusion and belonging to how we become more inclusive leaders by finding our personal ‘why’.


The Endava Experience | John Cotterell | 14 April 2021

What ‘We Care’ Means at Endava – a Q&A on Sustainability with our CEO

John Cotterell speaks with Rohit Bhoothalingam about how Endava makes a positive impact in the world and shares his thoughts on Endava’s ‘we care’ approach and sustainability as well as key achievements and our aspirations for the future.



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