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Testing | Alex Gatu | 25 February 2020

Challenges in creating relevant test data without using personally identifiable information

Alex describes numerous options that you can use ensure that testers have an adequate volume of representative data, while still protecting personally identifiable information and respecting GDPR legislation.


Automation | Martin Borba | 16 April 2020

Cucumber: Automation Framework or Collaboration Tool?

Martin Borba, Test Automation Consultant, provides expert insight into what exactly Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) is, the history behind its conception, the ways in which Cucumber supports BDD processes, and if Cucumber is the right testing tool to use.




Testing | Alex Gatu | 15 May 2020

Performance and security testing shifting left

Endava’s Senior Test Consultant, Alex Gatu, explains why bringing performance and security testing into the sprint by ‘Shifting Left’ allows projects to confidently identify performance and security issues early and increase the probability of delivering a high-quality product.


Testing | Gabriela Elena Miroiu | 25 January 2023

The Joy and Challenge of Being a Video Game Tester

Gabriela Elena Miroiu offers a look into what it means to be a video game tester: why we need them, what they do, how games are tested with automated and manual testing, and what makes a good game tester.



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