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Automation | Mike Spille | 16 June 2020

Automation in the Age of Digital Necessity

Mike Spille, Endava VP of Enterprise Platform and Enablers, provides an overview of automation, explains certain technologies nested in its toolbox, and describes ways to use these tools to create value for clients and companies without having to make massive investments, substantiating automation’s importance in the age of digital necessity.


Testing | Alex Gatu | 25 February 2020

Challenges in creating relevant test data without using personally identifiable information

Alex describes numerous options that you can use ensure that testers have an adequate volume of representative data, while still protecting personally identifiable information and respecting GDPR legislation.




Testing | Alex Gatu | 15 May 2020

Performance and security testing shifting left

Endava’s Senior Test Consultant, Alex Gatu, explains why bringing performance and security testing into the sprint by ‘Shifting Left’ allows projects to confidently identify performance and security issues early and increase the probability of delivering a high-quality product.


Testing | Sebastian Denzer | 19 October 2021

A Basic Setup for Mass-Testing a Multiplayer Online Board Game

Sebastian Denzer describes the challenges of testing Catan Universe, the popular digital version of the famous board game, and he introduces our team’s solution of Automated Play Testing, which helps to efficiently and securely test the numerous permutations of the complex game experience.



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