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The Endava Experience | Raluca Macovei | 13 October 2020

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating Women in STEM

For Ada Lovelace Day 2020, we celebrate women in STEM by interviewing some of Endava’s female tech leaders. Chris Cooper-Bland, Irina Dominte, Luisa Sepulveda, and Raluca Macovei share their perspectives on changes in digital and their experiences as women in tech.


Innovation | Bradley Howard | 23 June 2020

Advice for running in-person and virtual hackathon events

Bradley Howard discusses how businesses can use hackathons to foster creative innovation among their technical and creative staff and shares advice on what it takes to make in-person and virtual hackathons successful.




Next Gen Insights | Antony Francis | 21 July 2020

Gaining Insights with Predictive Analytics

Antony Francis provides an overview of predictive analytics and discusses how companies can use advanced analytic techniques to forecast demand, address supply chain challenges, reduce costs, and improve service levels.


Next Gen Insights | Antony Francis | 06 October 2020

Still Rising: The Need for Visibility in the Supply Chain

Antony Francis surveys the prevailing topics from CSCMP Edge 2020 conference and discusses why visibility in the supply chain is still one of the most pressing issues in the logistics industry and how it might be solved.

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Next Gen Insights | Antony Francis | 11 August 2020

Strengthening Supply Chains by Understanding Digital Breakages

Antony Francis examines the causes behind digital breakages in supply chains and discusses solutions companies should implement in order to ensure each and every control point along the supply chain remains intact.


Software Engineering | Radu Marinescu | 26 May 2020

The impact of M&A on technology and security

Radu Marinescu explains the impact M&As can have on businesses’ technology and security, including risks to development productivity, software scalability, and knowledge transference, and offers post-merger integration solutions to help companies assess the quality of their systems.



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