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The Endava Experience | Raluca Macovei | 13 October 2020

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating Women in STEM

For Ada Lovelace Day 2020, we celebrate women in STEM by interviewing some of Endava’s female tech leaders. Chris Cooper-Bland, Irina Dominte, Luisa Sepulveda, and Raluca Macovei share their perspectives on changes in digital and their experiences as women in tech.


Software Engineering | Radu Marinescu | 26 May 2020

The impact of M&A on technology and security

Radu Marinescu explains the impact M&As can have on businesses’ technology and security, including risks to development productivity, software scalability, and knowledge transference, and offers post-merger integration solutions to help companies assess the quality of their systems.




Meet the SME | Ashley Grant | 30 August 2022

hey y’all! I’m Ashley Grant

In this week’s instalment of Meet the SME, the blog series that brings you closer to our subject matter experts, we are joined by Ashley Grant. After a small detour, our Head of Development for North America is now leading our teams to accomplish great feats of software engineering.

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Meet the SME | Sanja Cvetkovic | 16 March 2022

bok! I’m Sanja Cvetkovic

Marking one year of FIVE being part of the Endava family, we are joined by Sanja Cvetkovic on Meet the SME, the blog series that brings you closer to our subject matter experts. Our passionate Croatia-based Senior Java Developer enjoys the possibilities and empowerment of coding and tech just as much as the serenity of nature and being offline.




Software Engineering | Laurentiu Spilca | 12 November 2020

8 Tips for Sharing Technical Knowledge – Part 1

Laurentiu Spilca provides insight on how to improve the way in which we share technical knowledge and which mistakes to avoid. In part 1, he discusses the advantage of mental models for conveying information and why it is beneficial to present one subject in different ways.


Software Engineering | Laurentiu Spilca | 02 December 2020

8 Tips for Sharing Technical Knowledge – Part 2

In part 2 of his blog article, Laurentiu Spilca provides six more tips on how to best convey technical information, including the benefits of examples and feedback as well as the pitfalls of overestimating your audience and how to avoid learning gaps.



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