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Payments | Nick Telford Reed | 16 September 2020

MPE Summer Week Recap – a Seismic Shift in the World of Payments

Nick Telford-Reed looks back on MPE Summer Week 2020, explains how the global pandemic has impacted the payments industry, and presents key opportunities and challenges in the future.


Next Gen Insights | Nick Telford Reed | 10 March 2020

Understanding authentication and open banking as a soft POS reality approaches

Nick explains how you can better understand and implement certain Secure Customer Authentication practises, while also giving an insight on what could be on the horizon in the future of open banking, and how close soft POS is to coming of age.




Payments | Septimiu Mitu | 12 May 2022

Are Phones About to Become the New POS Terminals?

Septimiu Mitu traces the development of point-of-sale (POS) payments technology in the US, and he takes a look at the current trends around contactless payments as well as what could be the ‘next big thing’ on the horizon: mobile POS.


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