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Next Gen Insights | Bradley Howard | 06 July 2021

How to Future-Proof the Digital Retail Experience

Bradley Howard recaps our recent webinar with Retail Week, and together with three experienced retail leaders, he discusses the biggest digital opportunities for online retailers to innovative the online shopping experience and keep their businesses competitive.


Meet the SME | Elisabeth Bradley | 03 August 2021

hello! I’m Elisabeth Bradley

Meet Elisabeth Bradley in our latest instalment of Meet the SME, the blog series that brings you closer to our subject matter experts. She is SVP Business Development for our Retail & CPG team in North America and based on the US East Coast where she tends to our clients as well as her plants and gardens.




Innovation | Robert Daubner | 01 November 2022

How Microservices Can Upgrade the Customer Experience

Robert Daubner shares how e-commerce companies can successfully use a microservices architecture to fulfil increasing customer needs, improve the customer experience of their online shop, and ultimately future-proof their business.

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Innovation | Bogdan Tindeche | 29 November 2022

How Reverse Logistics are Turning Ecommerce Green

Returned products create countless tonnes of landfill waste each year. But a new approach to supply chains is making the return process more sustainable. Join Bogdan Tindeche for a deep dive into the world of reverse logistics.




Meet the SME | Paul Maguire | 20 April 2022

hello! I’m Paul Maguire

In this week’s round of Meet the SME, the blog series that brings you closer to our subject matter experts, our guest is our London-based Head of Retail Delivery, Paul Maguire. He knows the ins and outs of a great retail experience and supports our clients in providing it to their business and customers – always with a focus on the people side of things.


Mobility | Antony Francis | 28 January 2022

The Value of Digital and Automation in the Product Returns Process

Antony Francis discusses Reverse Logistics, that is the product returns process, and he explains how and why retail companies should employ technology like automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make their returns more efficient and reduce losses.



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