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Innovation | Robert Daubner | 01 November 2022

How Microservices Can Upgrade the Customer Experience

Robert Daubner shares how e-commerce companies can successfully use a microservices architecture to fulfil increasing customer needs, improve the customer experience of their online shop, and ultimately future-proof their business.

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Architecture | Julian Alarcon | 25 June 2019

11 Things I wish I knew before working with Terraform – part 1

Planning to use Terraform in your next project? Read Julian’s 11 lessons learned and begin working with a set of tips that will make your life easier.




Architecture | Julian Alarcon | 23 July 2019

11 Things I wish I knew before working with Terraform – part 2

In part 2 of Julian’s ‘11 Things I wish I knew before working with Terraform’ series, you can learn how to handle interpolations, manage environments and workflows for commands.


Architecture | Gareth Badenhorst | 14 May 2019

Edge Services

This article examines edge services – the ones close to the client (content delivery networks, bot managers and web application firewalls), that distribute data and processing closer to the consumer and thus help scalability and performance.




Architecture | Gareth Badenhorst | 28 January 2019

Internet Scale Architecture

Internet companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook have set a precedent that needs to be met by more traditional enterprises. This article provides an overview of the logical building blocks of an internet scale architecture based on practical experience.


Architecture | Radu Vunvulea | 30 May 2019

Microservices and Serverless Computing

Following the success of Netflix, Uber and eBay, businesses are trying to build highly resilient internet-facing platforms that can replicate their success. Thanks to increased complexity and the different benefits of microservices and serverless, there are more things than ever to consider. Radu Vunvulea, Group Head of Cloud Capability, explores the pros and cons of both approaches in our blog.



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