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Innovation | Andrew Brown | 01 April 2019

Can Tech Improve The T&L Experience?

The world of Transport and Logistics is complex, and new technologies are the answer to overcoming the challenges and improving customer experiences. Andrew Brown, Delivery Partner at Endava, examines how emerging technology like Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI could really make a difference.


Next Gen Insights | Antony Francis | 21 July 2020

Gaining Insights with Predictive Analytics

Antony Francis provides an overview of predictive analytics and discusses how companies can use advanced analytic techniques to forecast demand, address supply chain challenges, reduce costs, and improve service levels.




Next Gen Insights | Antony Francis | 06 October 2020

Still Rising: The Need for Visibility in the Supply Chain

Antony Francis surveys the prevailing topics from CSCMP Edge 2020 conference and discusses why visibility in the supply chain is still one of the most pressing issues in the logistics industry and how it might be solved.

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Next Gen Insights | Antony Francis | 11 August 2020

Strengthening Supply Chains by Understanding Digital Breakages

Antony Francis examines the causes behind digital breakages in supply chains and discusses solutions companies should implement in order to ensure each and every control point along the supply chain remains intact.




Next Gen Insights | Andrew Brown | 23 January 2020

Platforms and Partnerships: Will MWC reveal the new ecosystems needed to exploit 5G?

Andrew Brown looks back at the history of digitisation that was powered by handheld computing, and how the next wave of transformation powered by 5G is going to move processing to the edge. He also predicts that the future holds powerful partnerships between Telco’s and various industries as they build niche platforms that will drive a new wave of digital disruption.


Next Gen Insights | Antony Francis | 27 April 2021

4 Techniques to Fix Digital Breakages in the Supply Chain – Part 1

Antony Francis discusses how digital breakages in the supply chain can occur and provides techniques and solutions to fix them. In part 1, he surveys the current expansion of the global logistics sector and addresses two specific breakages around insufficient data use and connection and how to fix them.



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