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Next Gen Insights | Seth Clifford | 31 July 2019

Harnessing Knowledge to Increase Efficiency

The way informal knowledge or “lessons learned” are handled within an organisation can be directly linked to its success, yet so often is easily overlooked. Read Seth’s take on the subject and learn how knowledge management impacts different areas of a business and what can be done to make the most of it.


Software Engineering | Laurentiu Spilca | 12 November 2020

8 Tips for Sharing Technical Knowledge – Part 1

Laurentiu Spilca provides insight on how to improve the way in which we share technical knowledge and which mistakes to avoid. In part 1, he discusses the advantage of mental models for conveying information and why it is beneficial to present one subject in different ways.




Software Engineering | Laurentiu Spilca | 02 December 2020

8 Tips for Sharing Technical Knowledge – Part 2

In part 2 of his blog article, Laurentiu Spilca provides six more tips on how to best convey technical information, including the benefits of examples and feedback as well as the pitfalls of overestimating your audience and how to avoid learning gaps.


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