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Next Gen Insights | Paula Mazzotta | 27 October 2020

Insights from InsureTech Connect Global 2020

Paula Mazzotta discusses InsureTech Connect Global 2020 conference and shares key digital transformation challenges in the Insurance industry as well as successful examples of InsureTech partnerships and solutions.


Next Gen Insights | Robert Anderson | 15 December 2020

Insurance Industry Trends from DIA Prime Time

Robert Anderson reviews DIA Prime Time and shares his personal highlights from the conference as well as insights on technology trends in the insurance industry, including the advantages of data augmentation and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.




Insights Through Data | Dan Robinson | 28 September 2021

Data-Driven Insurance

Dan Robinson reveals the natural connection between Insurance and being data-driven, demonstrates the organisational and business benefits of being data-driven, and provides 4 steps for insurance companies to use these insights to become more data-driven.

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Insurance Insights | Robert Anderson | 09 March 2021

Insurance Insights: Cloud Migration

In part 3 of our Insurance Insights series, Robert Anderson outlines the four key drivers for insurance companies to adopt cloud solutions, and he illustrates the first steps to how they can successfully start their cloud journey.




Insurance Insights | Bradley Howard | 16 March 2021

Insurance Insights: Customer Retention & Cross-Selling

In part 4 of our Insurance Insights series, Bradley Howard explores how insurance companies can benefit from technology and techniques which companies with high customer loyalty use to increase cross-selling opportunities and improve customer retention.


Insurance Insights | Dan Pelos | 23 February 2021

Insurance Insights: Data Exploitation

In part 2 of our Insurance Insights series, Dan Pelos explores the fundamental aspects of data collection, storage, governance, sharing and use, which insurers need to consider in order to develop, implement and capitalise on a successful data strategy.



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