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Meet the SME | Isabela Buhai | 23 February 2022

salut! I am Isabela Buhai

This time on Meet the SME, the blog series that brings you closer to our subject matter experts: Isabela Buhai, Delivery Partner for Healthcare and Technology and part of our global Healthtech industry team. Based in Cluj-Napoca, Isabela supports the delivery of innovative healthcare solutions and manages to seemingly fit several lives into one.


Digital | Dr. Gillian Halley | 13 September 2022

Navigating the Healthcare Ecosystem

In this article adapted from our Connected Patient whitepaper, Dr. Gillian Halley elaborates on what patients need and expect in an increasingly digital society, and she gives examples how technology can help alleviate the issues patients and medical staff face right now.




Innovation | Isabela Buhai | 15 March 2022

Rapidly Transforming: Healthtech Trends in 2022

Isabela Buhai examines the ongoing and rapid digital transformation in the Healthcare industry and how technology can support a more connected, patient-centric healthcare ecosystem, in the areas of healthcare and patient experience as well as in medical research and treatment development.


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